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LEIF Candles + A Little White Space

October 10, 2011

Is it just me or do these new soy candles scents from LEIF sound good enough to eat? And on another note…I thought this blog could use a little more white space, aaahh!

{Red Fig & Rosewood | Pear & Brandy | Sweet Birch & Black Pepper | White Tea & Berry}


A Wish for your Weekend…

October 7, 2011

{ Handcut Papercut by Tusssk}

Craving Pumpkin & Chocolate

October 6, 2011

I love the versatility of canned pumpkin; it lends itself so well to both sweet and savory dishes! This week I found a winning combination with these pumpkin cheesecake brownies.  The warm spiced pumpkin, rich cream cheese and fudgy dark chocolate are a flavor match made in heaven. This recipe makes for the perfect seasonal treat!

{photo by Freutcake}

Pumpkin Cheesecake Brownies
{Adapted from Everyday Food’s Cream Cheese Brownies}
Yields: 16 servings

8 Tbsp butter plus more for pan
8 oz bittersweet chocolate, chopped
1 ½ cups sugar
4 large eggs
1 cup + 2 Tbsp flour
1/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder Read more…

Seeing Rain Clouds

October 5, 2011

Has it been raining in your neck of the woods lately? Here in So. Cal we are having a couple rainy and grey days…and I feel like jumpin’ in a few puddles in celebration!

1| Umbrella 2| Chocolate Hazelnut Tea 3| Rain cloud cushion 4| Ilse Jacobsen boots 5| Mac liquid eyeliner 6| Nos Da Throw 7| Tea Mug

Cold Weather Illustration

October 5, 2011

I love this series of illustrations by Danielle Kroll. They have a certain Mary Poppin’s-esque street drawing feel to them if you ask me. Just close your eyes and jump!

Stay Inspired

October 4, 2011

Today is a busy design day in the Freutcake studio! With new clients and ongoing projects all on my plate, it is important for me to stay inspired. (Which is why I love to take little breaks with all of you!) I consider it refuling the old creative cranium to set aside time for research during my day. Taking the time to find inspiration in your day will only make your work that much better! As a design mentor once said to me “good work in, good work out!”…simple enough! Surround yourself with things that inspire and push you to do better, that’s how I see it. So here’s a question for all you creatives out there: How do you stay inspired? And after your answer that, go check out my first ever interview over on Victory Paper. Have a great day!

{Top: Interview, Bottom: Photo by Susanna Vento}

Type to Love

October 4, 2011

Loving this New Modern font designed by the creative team at Sawdust

{purchase font here}