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Wilderness 101

August 18, 2011

Sunday, we packed our camping clothes and left home in search of a some mountain air, fishing, and relaxation in the form of Lake Lundy Fishing resort in the High Sierra’s. What I expected was to be staying in a rustic cabin, cooking over a campfire and enjoying some family time. What I didn’t expect was to find a new love of fishing, the overwhelming beauty of the Sierra’s, a desire to stay all summer and a firsthand lesson in Wilderness 101. Sometimes you forget, living by the beach that is, that animals live in this world too! We saw beaver ponds filled with expertly crafted beaver dens, does grazing in high grass, stags leaping out to cross the hiking trail, and most impressive (and terrifying) brown bears who came down to camp at night to sniff out unprotected food. Nothing will stay in my memory quite like the huge brown bear we found lurking in the blackness just outside our cabin one night while heading back from the campfire. Let’s just say it was a sleepless night! But in the end, our fishing and wilderness trip was too short. We could have stayed a week exploring all the area had to offer. Here are just a few shots from our adventure…

{photos by Freutcake}

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  1. thefauxmartha permalink
    August 18, 2011 8:50 am

    This looks so fun and your campfire food looks gourmet! Not to mention that smore I want to take a huge bite out of.

  2. August 18, 2011 5:20 pm

    It sounds magical. I love fishing! I wish I could have gone too.

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