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5 Questions w/ Melissa Coleman

August 8, 2011

1| Butter Dish 2| Pastry Blender 3| Vanilla & Basil Ice Cream 4| Italian White Bean Hummus 5| Cake Banner

Meet Martha…I mean Melissa, graphic designer by day and self proclaimed baker over at The Faux Martha by night. It’s easy to see why friends and family refer to Melissa as Martha with her knack for making lovely food. Between the delicious recipes, beautiful photography and Melissa’s simple philosophy towards food, The Faux Martha is a very “good thing”!

Q: Cooking ingredient you can’t live without? Butter! I’m a butter girl through and through. I’m sure my body will hate me for this one day, but baking just isn’t baking without butter. Good ole’ full fat butter.
Q: Favorite tool in your creative arsenal? Pastry Blender. I’m a nut who insists on baking everything from scratch. I think it’s the artist in me. The process is just as important as the outcome. And the pastry blender allows me to achieve this. By this I mean, large chunks of butter cut into scones and biscuits helping them to puff while baking, and small nuggets of butter smeared throughout a pie crust making it perfectly flaky and rustic. Yes, I love the pastry blender for that reason.
Q: Totally obsessed with? Ice cream. It’s been a horribly hot summer. And the oven is not my friend in a tiny one-bedroom condo with a window unit struggling to cool the place down. Oven wins every time. To combat the heat, ice cream has been my companion. Usually its just classic vanilla that makes me happy. But after experimenting with basil, I am a basil ice cream lover. I think I’ll try my hand at strawberry ice cream today.
Q: Currently craving? Italian white bean hummus. I do eat other things besides sugar, butter, and flour. Eww, that sounds gross. Sorry guys. I love hummus. Mainly because it brings good friends around a table. Put a couple plates of hummus out. Pita chips. A bottle of wine. And you have a recipe for a good evening.

Q: Currently working on? Making sure every cake out there is well clothed. It’s a crisis.

Thanks Melissa!

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  1. August 8, 2011 9:02 am

    that white bean hummus sounds delish!

  2. August 8, 2011 11:42 am

    I just found Melissa through twitter and I’m already obsessed. An unclothed cake IS a crisis! I support her in her cake clothing endeavors


  1. Nectarine Mascarpone Tart | thefauxmartha

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