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Street Art: the New Pop

April 28, 2011

On  Monday we took a long-awaited trip to see Art in the Streets, an exhibit of street and graffiti art at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles. I was most excited to see the work of Keith Haring, the subway artist known for his work in the 80’s. What I was not expecting was to leave with a new-found love for artists such as Roa, Margaret Kilgallen, Swoon, Bary McGee and about a dozen others. Art in the Streets is one of the first major display of street and graffiti art to be exhibited here in America and I have to say, MOCA really did it right. Many of the artists showcased their work as installations throughout the gallery, using the walls and build outs as their canvas. The exhibit takes you through the history and progression of this art movement from the early 1970’s through today. In my opinion, street art is the new Pop. The art is fresh, original, bold and in your face. The colors, patterns and styles are completely inspiring. If you get the chance I highly recommend you visit the exhibit. You too will walk out with a new love for street art!

{photography by freutcake}

{photography by freutcake}

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  1. May 2, 2011 1:45 pm

    soooo cool. not surprised it was a moca show!

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