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5 Questions w/Alvin Diec

April 5, 2011

1| Levi’s 511 2| Muji notebook 3| Courier font 4| H&F Bread Co 5| No. 246 Restaurant

Alvin Diec,
brand identity guru at Matchstic and I have one major thing in common: we both love good food and design…and as Alvin put it, what’s more important right? I first discovered Alvin’s work a couple months back and have since been inspired by his creative genius and classic style. Alvin’s designs have been featured in publications such as HOW and Print Magazines and twice on Freutcake here and here. But don’t take my word for it, go check out his work for yourself. While you’re at it, let’s hear what Alvin has to say…

Q: Item of clothing you can’t live without? There’s a pair of Levi’s 511s that I’ve had for probably three years. Simple, classic, and good for pretty much anything. It’s amazing how durable a $50 pair of jeans can be.

Q: Favorite tool in your creative arsenal? I always carry a pen and notebook. All my notes and sketches go in there as I’ve never been able to keep up with digital scheduling and note taking for some reason. All my projects start as sketches and I like the immediacy of jotting things by hand rather than poking at a phone. The combo I’ve seemed to settle on is a small 105 mm Muji notebook and a Pilot V7 pen.

Q: Totally obsessed with… Courier, the font. You know, the one that comes on every computer and resembles a typewriter (or that black and white computer screen prompt from twenty years ago). I’ve used it sporadically for a while, but in recent projects it’s become a full-on obsession. As a text face, it works so well because it’s so unassuming and utilitarian. You can keep it spare or dress it up depending on context and how you pair it.

Q: Currently craving? I’m always craving croissants. There’s a bakery in Atlanta, H&F Bread Co., and their version is one of the best I’ve had. My morning ritual usually includes grabbing a coffee and a croissant on the way to the office.

Q: Currently working on? A new restaurant in nearby Decatur called No. 246. It’s a Northern California, Italian-inspired concept, and sister restaurant to the popular Jct. Kitchen here in Atlanta. It’s been a great process so far. For a restaurant design, being able to work closely with the chef and interior designer is critical to how the whole experience will come together. (And Courier definitely made its way into this project).

Thanks Alvin!

For more on Alvin visit his tumblr.

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  1. April 5, 2011 8:35 am

    darling! love to see a guy… wish his face were there, too, though! now i want a croissant!

  2. April 5, 2011 9:47 pm

    Hooray! Thanks so much for the feature.

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