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Bird of a Different Color

March 4, 2011

Happy Friday to you! I truly enjoy the work of conceptual artist and writer Chad Wys. Among some of my favorite pieces are these sculptures from his ready-made collection. Here is what Chad has to say about his work: “My artwork is also, at its core, an experiment in composition, color, and form. Through a variety of mixed media I have chosen as my inspiration a color palette that is at times complimentary and at other times destructively contradictory. The literal destruction of an object is secondary to the overall effect created by color (dis)harmony and the overall aesthetic of the reclaimed and reinvented object/experience.”…”By reclaiming these objects I mean to acknowledge how our possessions (can) (do) define us. In so many innumerable ways the bric-a-brac of our lives becomes a unit of measure of our own worth.” For more on Chad visit his website and blog.

Photo & Art Credit: Chad Wys

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