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Red Meat

February 2, 2011

Jason and I are unloading shopping bags from our car when we notice the smell of a neighbors BBQ wafting pleasantly in the breeze. The distinct aroma of marinated steaks meeting the hot grates even smells good to me who generally prefers fish. Jason takes a deep breath in, “Red meeeeat” he whispers. I’m laughing really hard under my breath as we walk up to the house carrying bags stuffed to the brim with fruits, veggies and salmon fillets. Oh the depravity of it all! At moments like this you would think I never fed him. And with that final hint of juicy beef still lingering in the air, I shut the front door and decide to cook him steak for Valentine’s dinner.

Roy Lichtenstein “Meat”-1962

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  1. February 2, 2011 12:46 pm

    Haha! Waseem would die if I only fed him veggies and fish! He’s a steak and potatoes guy. Jason is probably a lot healthier, but it sure is nice to have a steak for Valentines day 🙂

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