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I Almost Forgot My Love for Colored Pencils

December 29, 2010

Its kind of late and I am sitting at my computer with only a small lamp illuminating my keyboard and the few items on my desk. I have a stack of magazines, Vanity Fair, Print, the latest Everyday Food…a couple of journals that I got for Christmas, other odds and ends and a neatly bundled collection of colored pencils that are peeking out at me from my hutch. It kind of strange that I keep them there because I can’t remember the last time I used colored pencils. I find myself staring at them sometimes when I am collecting my thoughts or thinking about a design. And on occasion I pick them up and give them a good sniff…colored pencils smell like art class and heaven…didn’t you know that? Anyway, tonight I picked them up and used them. I sketched for a while in one of my little books, nothing important or that amazing but I just sat and colored. I can’t believe I almost forgot about my love for colored pencils…I think I’ll keep them.

Images of my colored pencils.

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  1. Mom permalink
    December 29, 2010 11:07 am

    I’d love to see you take up drawing again….

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